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I am a self taught artist who started with a pencil and a piece of paper in 1985 and haven't stopped.

My series of paintings " Los Torreros y sus Capotes"a tribute to my Father, who as a young man practiced the art of Bull Fighting.

Also a series of clowns and beautiful women, I call my good times, comes from my years as a salon owner and a hairdresser.

A series of model war-aircraft I call "Birds of Prey",as a young boy I was a model builder and lived close to Chandler Airfield and I was fascinated by flight. (Joined the Air Force 1968)

My series I call "colors"was developed by laying my canvas on the floor turning, on some great music from oldies 1950's 1960's to jazz latin sounds, then enjoying color as it drips,splatters and explodes on to the canvas.

there is also a series of my works throught my years as an Artist and Interior Artist

Rodolfo M. German

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